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0800 008 6309sales@cafiaid.co.ukStafford Street, Wednesbury, WS10 7JX

Cafitesse Liquid Products

Liquid Coffee Products

L’OR Lucente Capsules

The intensity of our espressos is indicated on each capsule. Not sure which flavour you’ll enjoy? L’OR espresso has an extensive range with various espresso capsules which you can use for your coffee ritual: with a little bit of milk, as a double shot or as a single shot.

L’OR Promesso

The finest selection of 100% arabica beans are at the heart of the outspoken personality of L’OR Promesso Blend No. 1. This characterful coffee combines carefully roasted notes and rich aromas for a deep well balanced taste.

Strong Roast

A strong, full bodied coffee with an intense taste. It is strong and well balanced, with a somewhat sweet, spicy after taste. It is a good base for speciality drinks.

Intense Roast

Intense Roast has a dark, pure roast and ground taste and wonderfully rich aroma. Consisting of 100% Arabica beans, it is delicious as a black coffee but also makes a great cappuccino or latte. It is also 100% UTZ certified.

Medium Roast

A pure and balanced, medium-intensity coffee, characterised by softly sweet nuances, this well-rounded, classic-tasting blend works well with or without milk.

Classic Roast

Consisting of 100% UTZ Certified beans, Classic Roast is a balanced, well-rounded blend with softly sweet flavours tempered with a light bittersweet aftertaste, comfortably enjoyable in a wide range of drink preparations.


Well balanced with a good acidity and body, Selection has a slight caramel aroma on the nose and is dark in taste, with hints of marzipan and a clean after taste.

Decaf Roast

Medium-strength coffee. For a premium decaffeinated coffee experience, this 100% Arabica blend delivers refined complexity with fine fruit and floral aromas. High quality beans are washed and carefully decaffeinated before roasting to produce a medium-strength coffee with a light, malty character.

Hot Chocolate

This creamy, full flavoured hot chocolate drink delivers an indulgent hot chocolate experience thanks to its rich, long lasting sweet taste. It can also be combined with any of our coffee blends for a delicious mocha.

Café Milc

Uniquely developed to create smooth delicious cappuccinos and other milk based coffee drinks. Café Milc is 100% semi-skimmed and delivers all the natural flavours and benefits of fresh milk. Packaged in a unique hygienically packed bag in box system.

Pickwick Tea

A perfect blend of smooth, soft and vibrant African Ceylon tea. This combination creates a flavourful cup of tea with a beautiful bright colour and alluring aroma.